Our Wedding Services 

TWC: Wedding Planners & Consultants

As a wedding planner, we always get this question and, 

we always describe our clients that our core service is to add value in your lifetime memories, pamper you in all ways and giving you a one of a kind service & experience.

Wondering about how to plan your wedding?

A perfect wedding involves so many things that nothing can be left to chance, not even the unexpected. 

From choosing of your dream venue to styling your venues, from designing your invites to assisting your guests on the function, this is the right place to find how to plan a wedding and enjoy the whole process.


At The Wedding Currator, we take pride in turning our bride and groom’s wishes into reality. Together, we will choose designers, create the theme for your fateful day, define your guests’ arrangements and much more.

We will take care of all of your issues including organising your bachelorette party. Moreover, our solid reputation with the best designers, caterers and stylists. They will be happy to help you to make every detail perfect before, during and after your wedding. 


You just relax and enjoy it. After all, it’s your day!

Destination Or Venue Consultation​

Destination Planning

The first step to plan a wedding is to find the right destination or a venue. 

There’s an incredible number of beautiful & overwhelming options available,

but there’s always some kind of restriction which restrict one from having it.

Therefore, a lot of couples come to us with a vision of their dream venue and seek our expertise to create their dream into reality.

So, tell us about your dream destination or venue which you are thinking of and let us guide you step by step on the way that leads to it, in the real world.

Decor Consultation

Quality is our top priority and we always make sure that only first-class service providers are available to you and all your venues are tailored as per your needs, 

No matter how simple or grand wedding you desire for,

We will put our experience at your disposal to erase your any doubt and giving you the peace of mind which you deserve.

Mehndi Decor - TWC

Wedding Planning & Coordination Services​

Wedding Service - Haldi

“Weddings” we all love it and all the different kind of functions that we celebrate during a wedding.

Most of the weddings involve several types of functions i.e. Mehndi, Dhol Night, Wedding, etc.

All these functions are examples of many functions that we can plan & coordinate for you to give you a unique & one-of-a-kind experience. 

Also, we are always happy to discuss how we can arrange what you’ve planned for your wedding.

RSVP & Guests Management Services

The biggest concerns for any host in a wedding are:

  • How our guests will be welcomed?
  • Will they get hassle-free transportation?
  • How they will be informed about each function?
  • Will they get personal assistance?

So, to manage all of these queries for you, 

We dedicate our exclusively trained team to handle your RSVP & Guests Management.

A tailored team as per your needs will be dedicated to your guests throughout the wedding journey, 

they will ensure complete peace of mind for you from the moment your guests receive the invitation till the time they check-out.

Guests Management